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Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday on March 28 was a great day for me ( A little)
My school ( Summit ParkWay Middle School) had a field day and it was good
We first watch a movie Reck It Ralph
Then we went to the Bazar (it's when they have lots of games and lots of food)
We had to bring money to pay for the tickets and food
My friend (Jasmyn) and I had put are money together and we had $33.50 all together
It was like you were at the fair with your best friend with alot of money without your parents
Don't you wish you did that at the fair without your parents with alot of money ( so much fun)
My friend (Jasmyn) kidda got crazy we went to buy the orange tickets and got alot of candy and I mean alot and soda.
We played some games and me and my friend (Jasmyn) had played a game and I could not win it so she played it for me and won me the bottle that I wanted (so cool)
Here's the funny part they had a jail and you can put anyone in jail (if you have two orange tickets) and my friend (Jasmyn) was mad at my math teacher because she had so many lunch detention for doing nothing so my friend (Jasmyn) had put my math teacher in jail and I was so happy :D.( it was good). That's the whole story of what happen it was so much fun for me :D.

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